Lord Ganesha Aarti

Lord Ganesha, who is known to us by various other names like Ganapathi, Vinayaka or Vigneshwara, is the God who helps us in overcoming all the obstacles of life? He is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He is the elephant headed God who is worshipped as the very first deity before beginning any ceremony. Worshipping him endows the man with courage and confidence needed for any endeavour. Every project is started with the worship of Lord Ganesha. Below is the Aarti dedicated to lord Ganesha.

Jai Ganesha Jai Ganesha, Jai Ganesha deva
Mata jaki Parvati, Pita Mahadeva.
Ek dant dayavant, char bhuja dhari
Mathe sindur sohai, muse ki savari, Jai Ganesha...
Andhan ko ankh det, kodhin ko kaya
Banjhan ko putra det, nirdhan ko maya, Jai Ganesha....
Pan chadhe, phul chadhe, aur chadhe meva
Ladduan ka bhog lage, saht kare seva, Jai Ganesha....
Jai Ganesha, Jai Ganesha, Jai Ganesha deva,
Mata jaki Parvati, Pita Mahadeva

Translation: Salutations to you, O Lord Ganesha, born of Parvati, the daughter of the Mountain King, Himalaya, and the great Lord Shiva. O Lord of compassion, you have a single tusk, four arms, a bright mark of vermilion on your forehead, and for conveyance the mouse. Glory, glory, all glory to you O Lord Ganesha You bestow vision on the blind, chastened bodies on the leprous, sons on barren women and wealth on the impecunious. Glory, glory, all glory to you O Lord Ganesha People offer you betel leaves, blossoms, dry fruits and laddus, while throngs of saints and seers attend you. Glory, glory, all glory to you O Lord Ganesha.

Lord Ganesha Bhajans

Lord Ganesha is a very popular God of Hindus. Mostly people worship him for success and intelligence. He is always worshipped before starting any new venture and is known as the God of education, wisdom and knowledge. Lord Ganesha Chaturthi is celebrated in order to pay our homage to Lord Ganesha. On the occasion of Lord Ganesha Chaturthi, various bhajans are sung by the devotees in order to their respect to Lord Ganesha.

Amba Bhavaani Shiva Shambhu Kumaara
Shree Gana Naathha Shaantakara
Puraana Purushaa Sathya Sai Naathha
Pranava Swaroopa Partheeshaa

(Beloved Son of Shivaa and Parvati; O Lord Ganesha, Lord of Ganas (demi-gods), Giver of peace, O Lord Sathya Sai, You are the supreme Being, You are the Form of Om, Lord of Puttaparthi)

Baala Gajaanana Namo Namo
Vighna Vinaashaka Namo Namo
Parvathi Nandana Namo Namo
Siddhi Vinaayaka Buddhi Pradayaka
Vijaya Gajaanana Namo Namo
Gangaadhara Suta Namo Namo
Lambodara He Namo Namo

(Reverential salutations to You, Young Ganesh, destroyer of obstacles, son of Parvathi and Shiva; Granter of spiritual attainments and bestower of intellect, discrimination and determination, Victorious Ganesha, our salutations to Thee!)

Bhaktha Vighna Vinaashaka Bhukthi Mukthi Pradaayaka
Bhaktha Kankshita Dayaka Bhava Bhakthi Pradaayaka
Hey Dayaa Nidhe Ganapathe Deenabandhu Kripaa Nidhe
Ashta Siddhi Vinaayaka Ishta Moksha Pradaayaka
Ashta Sampada Daayaka Srishtipala Vinaayaka

(Oh Vinaayaka (Ganesha) dispeller of all obstructions of devotees, The bestower of Liberation; You provide everything desired by devotees; You are the bestower of Devotion; Hey Ganesha, Thou art full of mercy and compassion; You are the friend of the meek; You bestow the eight boons, You bestow Liberation; Hey Ganesha, Thou art verily the keeper of creation)

Bhavaani Nandana Baala Gajaanana
Pranava Swaroopa Paahi
Hey Parthipureeshwara Paahi (Sai)

(O Son of Mother Bhavani, Lord Gajaanana! Kindly grant protection. O Lord of Parthi.)

Chandra Kalaadhara Gauri Shivaatmaja
Gajavadana Gananaatha Shubhaanana
Pranavaakara Pashupati Nandana
Paahi Prabho Mam Paahi Gajaanana

(The offspring of Gauri (Parvathi) and Shiva (adorned by the moon) Gajavadana (the elephant faced One), Gananatha (the chief of Ganas) Shubhaanana (the one who causes auspicious things to happen) You are the form of Primal Sound (Om), son of Pashupati (Shiva) Protect us Oh Lord, Protect us Oh Gajaanana (Ganesha))

Gaja Mukha Gaja Mukha Gananatha
Sura Muni Vanditha Guna Sheela

((Our salutations to) the elephant faced Lord Ganesha, endowed with the best of qualities, who is Chief of the Ganas or demi-gods, and is worshipped alike by sages and saints.)

Gaja Vadana Gajaanana
Gauri Thanaya Gajaanana
Jai Jai Jai Gajaanana
Jai Jai Jai Gajaanana
Devaadhi Deva Gajaanana
Gauri Thanaya Gajaanana

(Victory to Lord of Lords - Lord Gajaanana, beloved son of Mother Gauri. Chant the name of Elephant faced Lord Gajaanana).

Gaja Vadana Gananaatha
Hey Gana Naathha
Gauri Thanaya Dayaa Maya
Gaja Vadana Gananaatha
Bhuvanaadhara Pranava Swaroopa
Paalaya Paalaya Parthipureesha

(Protect, Protect O Lord of Parthi! Thou art the Lord of Creation and life force of all Beings, Prince of Mother Gauri, Elephant-faced One and Lord of all Lords, Thou art extremely merciful.)

Gaja Vadana Gananaatha Gajaanana
Siddhi Vinaayaka Baala Gajaanana
Mangala Karo Prabhu Vijaya Gajaanana
Jaya Hey Shambho Shankara Nandana
Sura Nara Vanditha Poojya Gajaanana

(Hey Gajaanana (Ganesha), the elephant faced One, the chieftain of the ganas; Vinaayaka (Ganesha), the One who helps us attain accomplishments, the child Ganesha; Victory to Thee Ganesha; Oh Lord, bring auspiciousness; Victory to Thee - the son of Shiva; You are worshipped by both Gods and mortals, the most holy Ganesha!)

Gaja Vadana Gananaatha Gaja Vadana Deena Naathha
Siddhi Daatha Shiva Thanaya
Siddhi Pradaayaka Gajaanana
Parvathi Nandana Bhava Bhaya Bhanjana
Yuga Yuga Vanditha Jaya Shree Ganesha

(Elephant-faced Ganesh, Lord of the Ganas and protector of the helpless. Son of Shiva, giver of liberation, destroyer of worldly fears. Glory to Ganesh who is revered through the ages.)

Gaja Vadana Gananaatha Naatha
Gauri Vara Thanaya Guna Laya
Gaja Vadana Gananaatha Naatha
Vidya Dhaayaka Buddhi Pradaayaka
Siddhi Vinaayaka Hey Subha Daayaka

(O Elephant-faced Lord! Lord of Demi-Gods and beloved Son of Mother Gauri; Thou art extremely merciful. You grant auspiciousness and gifts.)

Gaja Vadana Gananaatha Vinaayaka
Mahadeva Sudha Mangala Dhaayaka (Gaja Vadana)
Veda Vidhyadhara Vighna Vinaashaka
Dayaa Sindhu Hey Dhuritha Nivaaraka
Sai Gajaanana Thribuvana Dhaaraka

(Oh elephant faced Gajaanana (Ganesha), the chieftain of the ganas; You are the son of Mahadeva (Shiva), the bestower of auspiciousness; You are the One who blesses the study of Vedas, the destroyer of obstacles; Oh Lord, the merciful One, the One who dispels misery; You are Lord Sai Gajaaanana (Sai in the form of Gajaanana))

Gaja Vadana Shree Gananatha
Ambika Thanaya Paahi Prabhu ..(Gaja Vadana..)
Siddhi Vinaayaka Kaivalya Daatha
Paashaankusha Dhara Paahi Prabhu
Namaami Nithyam Smaraami Nithyam
Deena Sharanya Paahi Prabhu

(O Ganesha with an elephant face, son of Parvathi, please bestow Your Grace on us. You are the one to liberate us from the endless cycle of births and deaths. You have been guiding us by using Your lasso and prod. I shall always pray to You. I shall ceaselessly chant Your name in my mind. You have always protected the meek and the humble. Please guide and protect me.)

Gajaanana Hey Gajaanana
Gauri Thanayaa Gajaanana
Hey Shivanandana Jaya Jagavandana
Vidyaa Buddhi Pradaayaka
Parama Niranjana Mooshikavaahana
Parthipureeshwara Gajaanana

(Oh Gajaanana (Ganesha), son of Gauri (Parvathi); Oh Son of Shiva, Victory to the One who is revered by the whole world; You are the one who bestows knowledge and intelligence; Hey Gajaanana, You are the Lord of Puttaparthi)

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